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Mr. Jyoti Prakash Pandey - Director

Mr. Jyoti Prakash Pandey
Mr. Pandey started his banking career from 1987 as a Credit Analyst in Nepal Industrial Development Corporation. Immediately thereafter, he joined Nepal Indoseuz Bank as Chief of International Banking and worked there for four years before moving to Himalayan bank to work as Chief of Marketing and Credit Department. He also worked as a Branch Manager of New Road Branch for a year. He later joined Nepal Investment Bank in 2002 as the Assistant General Manager and was later promoted to Deputy General Manager in 2004 and General Manager in 2006.

As the General Manager of the Bank, he looked after the entire functioning of the Bank and met various operational targets as set by the management from time to time. After his six years of the successful stint as the General Manager, he was promoted to the post of Chief Executive Officer in the mid of 2012 and given further responsibility to drive the bank to the path of growth & prosperity.

A Commerce graduate from BESC College, Calcutta and MBA from Patna University, Mr. Pandey has attended many trainings and conferences conducted in Nepal and overseas. He is also the Board of Director of Nepal Clearing House Limited.

Registered Members

As per the Nepal Rastra Bank Regulation, all banks and financial institutions that are registered in Nepal Rastra Bank and engaged in credit lending of Rs. 1 million and above facility must be registered in Kendra as its member. Only the registered members can avail the credit reports and other credit information service provided by Kendra.

There are altogether 135 banks and financial institutions that are registered as members of Kendra. The detail statistics of the number of registered members in each category is as follows:

28 Commercial Banks
14 Development Banks (National)
29 Development Banks (Regional)
32 Finance Companies
7 Others (Micro Finance Institution, Co-operatives)